I am boring. I am average. I am below average height with an above average Napoleon complex. Maybe not the last one but some of my longest friends might disagree. Originally from Ohio but have spent the bulk of my life in Northern Virginia. Those from Virginia are typically quick to distinguish Northern Virginia from the rest of the state. They are not wrong. The land, the people, the mountains, the oceans, are all very different than what you’ll find in Northern Virginia, otherwise known as one-third of the DMV rat race. The rest of Virginia, especially the mountains, are absolutely beautiful and humbling.

I love mountains and running and running mountains.  Everything else is cream cheese.

The especially boring side of me:

The best part of me:

2017 family Christmas sans brother Kyle and yet to be born Baby Jake

2021 Update

We now live in Sammamish, WA (near Redmond). That is all.

Rarely a dull moment with these three.