Obligatory Post

Thanks for joining me on a journey with an unknown destination. I’ve spent countless miles thinking about capturing my running experiences and finally decided to dive into this deep end. The impetus for this site is fear. Fear of forgetting all the experiences and lessons learned. Fear that I’ll wake up in the future having lost sight of all the amazing running events that shaped my life. Fear that I might stop doing the one thing that has been the only constant in my adult life. And finally, the very real fear that I’m a terrible writer.

2017 was a similar experience where I faced my fears of running longer distances. I long wondered if my body would hold up after 26 miles or if I’d maintain the discipline to train with 2 toddlers and other priorities. I learned a valuable lesson last year to not let  fear get in my way. Since then I’ve conquered a handful of 50 milers and learned a lot about myself, mentally and physically. So 2018 starts a journey where I want to capture my running experiences to hold my future self accountable to keep chasing goals. And hopefully I inspire a few strangers along the way.

Mountain Masochist 2017, somewhere near mile 30 before the cold rain started. What a wonderful day on the mountains.

So naturally, I’ll end this first post with a popular saying from my teammates at work, “to zinnfinity and beyond.”